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We provide individualized care to community members returning home from incarceration and reintegrating into their families, the community, and their healing process.
Community Support Specialists are highly trained experts in navigating the reintegration process and are:
  • Subject-matter experts in the criminal injustice system, based on lived experience and training

  • Certified Credible Messengers with over three years of annual recertification

  • Successful in their reintegration from incarceration into community

  • Continually working on their own personal healing journey and professional growth

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Community Support Specialists collaborate with community members to create a detailed support plan that is person-centered and individualized. Using motivational interviewing, we prioritize relationship building as we work together to discover what success looks like to them, assess where folks are in their process, and learn what their stated needs are. Together we plan how to get their needs met in a way that builds a sustainable foundation that supports their best reintegration process.


Each year, (per full-time Support Specialist) we support at least 25 individuals with intensive reintegration support 100 individuals and families with medium to low reintegration support .

Types of Support We Offer


We have relationships with housing providers and connect people to resources or provide funding to fill gaps in support at all stages of reintegration including pre-release, emergency hotel shelter, transitional housing, move-in support for long-term sustainable housing.


We help people establish sustainable employment by getting support with transportation to and from work, applying for job training processes, or securing the necessary supplies for a job.

Social Benefits & System Navigation Support

We help folks secure their state ID cards, health insurance, and birth certificates and meet legal obligations and conditions of release.

Court Support & Participatory Defense

We give support in every step of the judicial process, before, during, and after incarceration.

Family Support: We know how incarceration harms families and how the impact gets compounded generationally, so we help families get support for basic needs, advocacy, and community connections.


Mental Health Support

We have relationships with other community organizations that provide this, so we can help folks connect to support.

Recovery Support

Our Reentry Director is a substance abuse specialist with deep-rooted relationships in the recovery community. Her unique expertise allows her to help folks navigate the trauma pitfalls and cultural barriers in pre-existing services.

Education Navigation

We have an Education Navigation Specialist to support folks in their educational journey. We also have relationships at various colleges and universities like UW, Evergreen, University of Puget Sound.

Emotional Support

Through a relational approach, we provide care that is deeply rooted in community and personal connection.

Healing Work

 We also provide healing workshops in Dismantling Systems of oppression and Culturally Responsive Compassionate Communication (CRCC).

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